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iLoveHandles Plank

Phone. Wallet. Keys. Sunglasses. Keep all your essentials on this small floating shelf with a magnetic underside. The magnet is on the bottom only and does not affect anything placed on the shelf. Mounting hardware is included. iLoveHandles began when two friends who met in architecture grad school one with a background in graphic design and business, and the other with a background in product design started collaborating on projects that were clever, fun, and useful. We never meant to be another iPhone accessories company. Sorry about that. We realize most Apple accessories lack creativity and personality they lack soul. We didnt want to make more cases for a phone that doesnt need a case. We didnt want to make more over-designed, over-branded, overdone stuff to piggyback on Apples success. Not to sound like grumps, but its how we feel. The time and thought Apple invests in its products is obvious. We all share a love of Apple products. After Rock Band (the first watch band designed for iPand nano, by the way), we thought it was time someone created accessories that were equally lovable.

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