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Check Mate Infidelity Test Kit

Suspicion and doubt caused by the infidelity of a cheating spouse? Find out what's really going on the quick and easy way with this semen detection test from CheckMate.

After sexual intercourse with a man, all women experience a condition we call "Flowback". Flowback causes a woman to secrete small amounts of the mans semen back onto her underwear. This results in dried semen stains from the man she had sex with being deposited in her undergarments. These dried semen stains can be instantly detected with the CheckMate test. During sex semen stains are also frequently deposited on items such as sheets, towels, tissues, carpeting, upholstery etc. CheckMate detects these dried semen stains too, giving you the answers you need. The CheckMate semen detection test kit is designed specifically for ease of use by the everyday consumer and leaves no trace of the test procedure on the suspected article. PLUS... The CheckMate semen detection products also work on any type or color of material. Test undergarments, furniture, linens, auto upholstery etc. without fear of damage or stain.

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